Nuclear Medicine

April 13, 2015

What you might be asking yourself about Nuclear Medicine.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

It’s a study that uses certain types of radiation tagged to certain pharmaceuticals that is given to patients to find out information about their situation.

When your doctor wants to find out something and orders a study the technologist will decide how much radiation and what kind with the history of the request.

Normally then the technologist will order the doses from a contractor like General Electric or Cardinal Health or may order a generator to make the doses at their own department.

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Xray, CT Scan, MRI


Physicians often need to recognize abnormalities going on in body tissues and organs to diagnose any specific diseases or not at all.These abnormalities are seen in the form of images,there are different imaging techniques used today,the most common one is a radiograph(X ray film) which provides a two dimensional image of the interior of the body.
To produce such a radiography a single barrage of X ray is passed through the body and exposes the film on the radiograph(or flouroscent screen) placed on the opposite side.Tissues having different densities show up as images of differing densities on the radiograph i.e. x rays have their nature of being absorbed to various degrees as through body tissues depending on the density of them.There are 4 fundamental radiographic densities which produce natural radiograph contrast on an X ray film.See how they appear on radiograph (or called flouroscent screen). Radiographic contrast

Air and gases appear black——-radiolucent
Fat appears gray_black
Muscles and water appear gray
Bones and Calcium appear white——-radiopaque read more

Download Radiology Textbooks Free?

Top 5 Best Selling Radiology Text Books

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation) – Hardcover

A very informative book written by a physical therapist, and a great reference for the non-radiologist student. Its content consists of line drawings and picture overlays that represents the material in such a way that it is easily understood by the beginning student.

The text is made up of introductory chapters with information on the basics of imaging science, and, how to read x-rays and is considered very thorough.

The one main drawback to this particular book on radiology is its lack of information on MR and CT images.

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Medical Technology: Courses & Job Prospects

With the advancement of knowledge in the medical field, demand for trained personnal in the medical testing laboratories is growing to make proper diagnostics. Clinical studies in several fields viz., Medicine, Nutrition, Pharamaceutical studies require properly trained Lab Technicians. Physicians can not draw correct conclusions if test reports from laboratories are not authentic. Hence role of Lab Technician becomes very important and need for trained persons go on increasing. read more